10 benefits of beer

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Due to the worldwide obesity epidemic, experts say that we should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and fruit juices because of its high sugar content. But curiously, beer is most acclaimed for its benefits to health. Research suggests that it may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease, promote weight loss and balance hormones.

So we bring you 10 benefits of beer that we return from http://www.top-google.com/:

1. a bottle of vitamins: If we look at the beer, we would be surprised the number of super-nutrientes that are in it. The beer contains all essential amino acids – and many of the non-essential,”said Dr. Stephan Domenig, medical director of the center of health Original F.X. Mayr, in Austria. As well as phosphorus, iodine, magnesium and potassium, the beer is rich in calcium so it is good for the bones.

3. osteoporosis: a 2009 study by Tufts University, in the United States found that moderate beer consumption may protect bone density. Even, for years the Guinness brewery was prescribed to pregnant due to its high content of vitamin B. “now recommended that pregnant women should avoid alcohol, but other people could benefit”, says nutritionist Vicki Edgson. Although they can benefit from dark beers without alcohol .

4. penetrates more artisan: to have better benefits, you must choose a beer unpasteurized, since this process prolongs the life of the drink but reduces the nutritional value of living organisms. A cloudy beer is much better, since the filter to obtain a clear beer eliminates yeast and therefore the amount of vitamin B, says Georgina Young, master brewer of Fuller.
5. better than a soft drink: beer is high in vitamins and low in sugar. Compared with a can of cola drink, which contains 12 teaspoons of sugar, or a glass of orange juice, which contains six, a quarter of a litre of beer contains little more than one spoonful of sugar.

“Compared with soft drinks, beer will give you less than a peak of sugar in the blood. The beer is approximately 93% water so it is very moisturising“, says nutritionist Dr. Kathryn O’Sullivan.
6. against diabetes?In fact, moderate consumption of beer can help prevent diabetes as implies a 2010 study conducted more than 38,000 men in the United States. The analysis found that when men who hardly consumed beer increased their intake of one or two glasses a day, reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25% after four years.

7. Yes but and panza chelera?: a study from the University of London with almost 2,000 consumers of regular beer concluded that it is unlikely that moderate consumption is associated with a high weight gain.

“Drinking beer increases the production of bile, which helps Digest fatty foods,” indicated Dr. Domenig. In addition, the beer is a rich source of fiber: two vessels provide between 10 and 30% of our needs.
8. diseases : Although beer consumption is usually associated with memory problems, research say that it may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This disease has been linked to high levels of aluminum, but Silicon containing beer can compensate for the damage. A 2008 study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology found that Silicon was able to reduce the absorption of aluminum in the digestive tract and retard the accumulation of metal in the tissue of the body and the brain. But another study by the University College of London, warned that men who drink more than two liters a day can suffer memory loss. So anything exaggeration.

9. good for the heart: however, the beer could also help the health of the heart. A study by 2013 at the University of Harokopio, Athens, found that drink pushed the flexibility of the arteries. In this experiment, the scientists measured the cardiovascular health of men non-smoking less than 35 years two hours after drinking 400 ml of beer and compared the results with the consumption of vodka or beer without alcohol. While the three beverages had a beneficial effect on the stiffness of the arteries, normal beer had the greatest benefit.

Also, the beer can increase good cholesterol. “The main component that helps protect the heart is alcohol, which increases the HDL cholesterol, in addition to other benefits. But large amounts of alcohol can cause disease of the heart muscle “, says Dr. r. Curtis Ellison, Professor of medicine and public health at the Boston University School of medicine”

10. plus for beauty: beer drinkers Loss also obtain benefits on the skin. Since it is made of barley, beer is rich in ferulic acid, a potent antioxidant that protects skin from sun damage. Although this substance is also found in tomatoes, corn, and rice bran, an investigation of the Hospital Guy in London in 2000 suggests that beer has a more absorbable form.

Men who drank beer low in alcohol accounted for all of the acid present ferulic against only 25% that is absorbed from the tomatoes. Studies indicate that most dark beers Pack one punch of antioxidants.

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