10 best movies about wine of all time

In its edition of May 2015, dedicated to cinema, Wine Enthusiast magazine published the list of the ten best films of wine of all time. Then the complete list, it should be noted that the list is in chronological order (by appearance of the film). Do you think that we is jumped over some films? Besides, if you interested in this list and want to watch these movies online free, movie2k should be an ideal choice for you.

Las 10 mejores películas sobre vino de todos los tiempos.1. The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969)

During the second world war, a village of wine producers hiding millions of bottles of wine to protect them from German soldiers.




Las 10 mejores películas sobre vino2 Year of the Comet (1992)

He discovers a rare bottle of wine (bottled in the year of the great Comet, 1811). Margaret Harwood is sent to retrieve it and can be auctioned. Oliver Plexico is responsible for bringing it and care for it, this is how a simple journey becomes an international pursuit.



Las 10 mejores películas sobre vino3. a Walk in the Clouds (1995)

It tells the story of a young soldier (Paul) who returns home after the second world war. Where he meets a pregnant girl (Victoria) with which a friendship and offers made by her husband, justify before his father pregnancy. Returning home, the young soldier finds his wife fooling you, so it returns with victory to confess his love.


Las 10 mejores películas sobre vino de todos los tiempos4 Sideways (2004)

Two middle-aged men take a tour travel in one week the California Wine Country, just before the marriage of one of them.



Las 10 mejores películas de vino5. a Good Year (2006)

An English stockbroker, inherited the vineyard from his deceased uncle, where he spent much of his childhood. To travel there to fix and sell the property, find a more relaxed style of life, which will make a big change in your life and your way of seeing the world.



Las 10 mejores películas de vino6 Bottle shock (2008)

The history of the early days of wine-making in California, showing the now-infamous wine blind tasting in Paris in 1976, event then known as the Judgement of Paris.



Las 10 mejores películas de vino7. at Heavenly Vintage (2009)

France, 19th century. A winemaker is embark on the ambitious project to create the perfect vintage.



Las 10 mejores películas de vino8. You will be my are (2011)

The story focuses on the complicated relationship Paul Marseul, owner of a prestigious vineyard, and his son Martin, who works with him on the family farm.



Las 10 mejores películas de vino9 double (2012)

This documentary follows four sommeliers try to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier, a test with one of the lowest rates of approval of the world.



Las 10 mejores películas de vino10 network Obsession (2013)

Documentary that explores the Chinese demand for the most prestigious Bordeaux wine affects to the châteaus.


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