The Espresso Coffee in the bar is the Café par excellence, the way that intensifies to the maximum taste and aromas. The preparation of the Espresso Coffee is a true art. To obtain an excellent result at home, we advise you to follow these rules:


( 1) the quality of the water: use natural mineral water instead of tap water. Its calcareous concentration can prevent the correct operation of the machine and affect the quality of the coffee.Every two months use specific anticalcareas sachets for home espresso coffee machines.

 ico_misura ( 2) the correct dose: for each cup serving 7 grams of coffee Segafredo Zanetti. Control the dose, using the gauge supplied with the machine ( you can hire a coffee maker at catering equipment hire company), which is equivalent to about 7 grams.

( 3) a barman hand: once filled the filter holder, beat him gently on the table or in the Palm of the hand to distribute evenly the coffee powder. Then, tighten the coffee strength, using the presser supplied with the machine: a level surface is essential for a good Espresso Coffee.


( 4) correct weather: coffee has to exit the nozzle forming a continuous and homogeneous thread. Be careful at the time of extraction: If the coffee comes out too fast, try pressing it with greater intensity; Vice versa, in the case of a very slow start, try not too pressed coffee.


( 5) careful maintenance: whenever you prepare coffee, remove residues from the previous coffee powders, filter to avoid out dregs and unwanted flavors. From time to time, run the water in the filter vacuum, as if you were preparing a cup of coffee.Before preparing another, wait for 2/3 minutes, making sure there is no water remaining in the inside of the filter holder. Also use this method when you wash the filter holder with the tap water.

A small trick: the coffee in the Cup may not be hot enough. Try to run the water in the filter holder as in the previous section.Then, without remove the portafilter from the machine, power steam resistance up to the power of the specific indicator. A simple and quick system to increase the temperature of the water.

Sometimes when the coffee is in the cup, it isn’t hot enough.

Try to let the water flow through the filter-holder just like before. Then, without removing the filter-holder, activate the steam resistance until the appropriate light turns on.

This is a quick and easy way to increase the water temperature.

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