5 tips and Ideas for making fresh water

5 Consejos e Ideas para Hacer Aguas Frescas

The fresh waters are a type of traditional drink of Mexican cuisine, is consumed throughout the year although they are special at time of high heat, since they drink cold.

The fresh waters I love them, are a good choice to provide delicious and colorful soft drinks to the family because they are prepared with all-natural ingredients, do not carry alcohol and artificial ingredients of any kind. My kids get excited in preparing jars with me and we have dabbled in different types. Course classics are the fresh waters of fruits, like fruit water infused but they can also be grains, flowers, and herbs.

Although their flavors are unmatched, preparation is usually simple and only requires blending the ingredients and mix them with water and sugar. However, there are some tricks and tips that you can follow to achieve a delicious fresh waters that all your guests will want to repeat.

5 tips to prepare fresh waters:

  1. To get a more intense flavor preparation use fruits in season.
  2. A different and more natural option to use honey, jaggery or brown sugar sweetener, instead of sugar.
  3. For creamy fresh water blend ingredients and do not wash them.
  4. We encourage you to mix and taste different kinds of fruit to offer new flavors to your family.
  5. To take advantage of the fruit flavor, these waters should consume as soon as possible after their preparation.

5. original ideas of Aguas Frescas:

  1. Water of pineapple, Mango and Green Apple
  2. Lemon mint water
  3. Water Mint, lemon and honey
  4. Fresh pineapple and lime water
  5. Water fresh celery and orange

As you can see there are many options! You also have the opportunity to mix different types of fruits and flavors according to your family’s taste.

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