5 wines to increase sexual desire in women

Scientists conducted a study where they saw that the girls causes not only to eat, but also like them and causes them to have sex when they taste certain wines, because the sexual appetite, also wake up with only take a glass of good wine and more if it is red wine which increases women’s sexual desire. The wine is always a good excuse for all persons and more when they know that they will have a pleasant encounter.

Vino aumenta el deseo sexual

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When the london sexy girls take wine, be so in small amounts help to put the girls loving and to begin to increase the desire for sexual pleasure. According to studies that made the journal of Sexual Medicine explained that girls who drank a glass of wine daily them increases the level of sexual desire and they come to have better vaginal lubrication, compared to girls who take other types of alcoholic beverages, they also saw high levels of polyphenols with antioxidant properties in wine to benefit girls to increase blood key excitation parts flow.

If you are going to have a meeting with the person who you like and want to drink wine, but always be careful not to spend night because if you go drink you won’t be able enjoy good sex with that person.

Today we’ll show you 5 types of wines that increase women’s sexual desire.

1: Burgundy: This wine has a sensual flavor that makes the girls feel sexy and they are in very good mood, given that the Burgundy wine has aphrodisiac effects which makes the girls to increase sexual desire.

2: white Porto: Wine Porto has a concentration of aphrodisiac and various types of properties such as vanilla, honey, ginger and cinnamon, which people regard as a wine holder, because it makes the girls have much desire when they take this wine.

3: mulled wine and amaretto: This wine is a combination between the mulled wine and wine amaretto, which tends to put people romantic and anxious to have a sticky night, filled with action and desire.

4: Spinetta barbaresco: The taste of this wine leaves the girls breathless, when the girls take a glass of this wine experience a momentary flush in his face, put happy begin to flirt, but apart from that start to have other feelings such assexual desire.

5: champagne: Can accompany it this type of French wine with fruit juices and make the taste of the drink is delicious, and if like the girl more than one Cup will be taken and will be very affectionate and romantic.

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