La publicidad y el vino

There are two chapters in the budgets of any type of company that in our modest opinion, should not never miss, whether they are better or worse gifted, what are the communication and advertising. Each company, big, familiar, or reduced, should always separate money for these two chapters because we must not ever forget that we can make the best wine in the world, but if not advertised as if it didn’t exist. And if we have not convinced him to this point in the story, we must also tell you that precisely now, when less advertising and communication is when your messages reach the consumer without an extreme competition.

Internet speak, and much of the advertising of wine and the first link found leads us to ‘video Calgary’ which has the beginning of text: “advertising is one of the tools that make up the mix of communication within the marketing strategy of a winery. Although the possibilities offered by other tools such as social networks are huge, we cannot forget that the mainstream as the press, radio or television advertising is still a powerful marketing tool. “For this reason, and even though its relative high cost may deter their use, wineries not should ignore the benefits that proper management of advertising can bring in terms of sales and brand recognition, especially in an extremely competitive context like this and with a national market in retreat”.

In ‘’ and under the suggestive title of “everything you need to know about wine advertising…” which is the title of a book at the same time, we are told that “the first impact we receive a wine gives it us your image and reading of this work (…)” It follows that we still have much to do,”points out in the foreword to this book Rafael Ansón, President of the Spanish Academy of gastronomy. One of the most obvious conclusions reached by Enrique Larumbe, author of “everything you need to know about wine advertising… And never knew where you see”is that to sell well not only wine need to pamper you during your preparation to make this excellent, they must know how to communicate it to the consumer.

“It is a book aimed at the more than 5,000 wineries (and about 15,000 different brands) of the 62 Spanish denominations of origin,”to make it better”, called Larumbe”.

And in addition, as we pick up at ‘’ news carries as “advertising of wine, beer and cider in television and sporting events will be possible from January 1, according to an amendment of the PP to license law Express” dated in November 2012 and had this development: “Deputy of the PP has reminded Conrado Escobar, in an amendment to the law of license express to enable the alcoholic beverages of less than 20 degrees is” in those places where their sale is prohibited. Escobar explained ne press conference that opens the possibility of giving publicity to these beverages, up to twenty degrees of graduation, television and sporting events (including the possibility of sponsorship of teams), to “correct” a provision of the advertising Act of 1988 and even us “with the rest of the EU”.

“An amendment that opens a new opportunity to the wine sector and offers clear possibilities of dissemination and promotion that, surely, the sector will be able to take advantage of” said as he underlined “compromise and the sensitivity of the party with the wine sector” promoting an initiative “dispelling legal doubts and the Nebula around the advertising of wine”.

Advertising and wine, a theme for rethink in the Winery as if we do not sell will help us to do so and if we are selling, will help us to position our brand.

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