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10 best movies about wine of all time

In its edition of May 2015, dedicated to cinema, Wine Enthusiast magazine published the list of the ten best films of wine of all time. Then the complete list, it should be noted that the list is in chronological order (by appearance of the film). Do you think that we is jumped over some films? Besides, […]

The ten best books about wines

To enjoy vintage, or any time of the year, we recommend ten excellent titles dealing with viticulture from different points of view. The history, players, wineries, tasting and the pleasures that offers wine cup to mouth and mouth to the soul. The wine has been, is and will always be, an inseparable companion of the […]

5 wines to increase sexual desire in women

Scientists conducted a study where they saw that the girls causes not only to eat, but also like them and causes them to have sex when they taste certain wines, because the sexual appetite, also wake up with only take a glass of good wine and more if it is red wine which increases women’s […]

How to attract visits to a winery website

Information and communication technologies have changed the way in which the wineries and customers relate. Within these technologies is especially internet, and in fact there are many wineries that develop marketing strategies in the network, either through their corporate websites or social networks. One of the main challenges facing a winery when he decides to […]


There are two chapters in the budgets of any type of company that in our modest opinion, should not never miss, whether they are better or worse gifted, what are the communication and advertising. Each company, big, familiar, or reduced, should always separate money for these two chapters because we must not ever forget that […]

5 tips and Ideas for making fresh water

The fresh waters are a type of traditional drink of Mexican cuisine, is consumed throughout the year although they are special at time of high heat, since they drink cold. The fresh waters I love them, are a good choice to provide delicious and colorful soft drinks to the family because they are prepared with […]

Wine barrels handling device

Wine barrels handling device facilitates the process of manipulation of such vessels.Thanks to its special design to work in warehouses, forklift certification classes, cellars and narrow aisles, wine barrels handling device allows a forklift driver remove easily a barrel of the battery,lower it to the ground or move it to the place you want. A fork that can […]

Red wine improves female sexual desire

A study conducted by researchers at the universities of Turin and Florence, Italy and london outcall escort, reveals that moderate consumption of red wine would help to improve the sexual desire in women, in addition to increasing its lubrication, excitementand sexual function in general.   Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, this study shows that […]

The trail of the detective who makes wines

Chile: Although winemaker, Carlos Gálvez chose a police career with instant checkmate review. Even so, with two partners, this year launched its own wine and the first vintage already have committed. Carlos Gálvez (31) has double life. One is sub-prefect of the homicide Brigade of Rancagua. It is to investigate from Gimpy to San Fernando, […]

‘Spain, the pioneer in the marketing of non-alcoholic beer’

QCOM.es.-the Association possesses a historical trajectory, currently includes companies and what develops? CE- as well identified, Brewers of Spain group from 1922 to the whole of the national brewing industry. Currently the Association represents almost all of the beer production in Spain, with the following business groups: Grupo MAHOU-SAN MIGUEL, HEINEKEN ESPAÑA, Grupo DAMM, ESTRELLA LEVANTE, […]

Accounting for bars and restaurants

The bars and restaurants are mostly cash businesses that generate most of their income from the sale of perishable goods. These companies have an inventory and changing it often along with the options in the menu to meet the demands of its customers. Both the cash and the exercise of the accounting methods are ideal […]

New menu: Cocktails with coffee

The tendency to taste good coffee is increasingly popular and chic again. In part, responds to a growing industry that produces this product and also to innovative ways to serve customers and tenants who have found. But it is not surprising. . From its origins that coffee has fascinated and conquered the palates of many […]

When was beer a drink for children

At the end of the 1960s beers advertising campaign: the draw for a trip to Cape Kennedy is illustrated with a seated family prepared for eating and serving four glasses of beer. Yes, four: the children also have their own. He is not the only example of advertising featuring children with glasses and beer bottles: […]

Wine and coffee to rejuvenate and eliminate fat

New treatments offer you amazing possibilities to improve your skin and attack the cellulite. The rejuvenating power of red wine will get your skin to shine, while the Green coffee bean max is particularly suitable for grease-fighting. TERRA WOMEN  Now you can regenerate the skin, clear it of impurities and look it healthy and hydrated, thanks […]


There are many movies and scenes where a memorable toast or a story about wine constitute the main elements of the plotSOURCE: MovieTubeNow These are the elements of the list. Vote for your Favorites! 1. sideways Sideways (known internationally as Sideways) is a comedy-drama of 2004 winner of the Oscar for best adapted screenplay, directed by […]

Photograph beverages

Many are the ones who qualify for art photography still life. Personally, the technical picture wows me, and specifically advertising, is me very interesting since it is often very elaborate to transmit the message and the feelings that is desired by the customer in a very powerful way. Today I bring you a recipe, acquired […]

How to use advertising in bar to sell more

Once you’ve succeeded in attracting customers to your bar have the opportunity to influence them so that they consume products of more high-margin or even encourage them to recur more frequently by any promotion or future event. How to get your customers to consume more? You can be achieved using marketing or point of sale […]

The pairing of food and wine reviews

What wine goes best to what food is a question that generates different, therefore inspired opinions, Jamie Goode (a writer on wines from the United Kingdom) generalizes the views on marriage of wine and food in four categories. What is the marriage of wine and food? The marriage of wine and food is the process […]

Library for the wine enthusiast

A selection of the 14 best wine books published in Spanish by Northern Beaches Myob Bookkeeper Spain is one of the major editorial powers in the world, but for years the publishing lameness in terms of publications about wine has been blatant.The third world producing country lacked the most basic theoretical and practical texts. Something has […]

The Wine for Exorcism

The wine was widely known, and tasted, in Europe for more than four thousand years. There is evidence that in the Middle East, in lands of Mesopotamia, the men made wine around eight thousand years ago by Psychic in Carlifornia. But they had to take many centuries to be known the way of distilling wine […]

Your teeth and the coffee

What is the first thing you normally do when you wake up? Correct, brush your teeth, but and after you brush your teeth? Of course, you take a cup of coffee. Did you know that 100 million people in the United States drink coffee every day? And that 68% of them take it within a […]

10 benefits of beer

Due to the worldwide obesity epidemic, experts say that we should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and fruit juices because of its high sugar content. But curiously, beer is most acclaimed for its benefits to health. Research suggests that it may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease, promote weight loss and balance hormones. So we bring you […]

Halloween. The beginning. Prancing Dreadnought is.

Thu, 10/31/2015 – 20:00 Entrance – 400 rubles.  Prancing Dreadnought is a presentation of the new project: “Living the game.” It’s dark, troubled times. Time until winter, but after the fall. A time when the boundaries between the worlds erased.  The time when all the secret fears, all the most hideous nightmare becomes real. Time […]

Music and beer in O’Neill’s in Moscow

Last Saturday I went to O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Moscow. We had been that day in a conference on zombies, then we went for tapas and just belting out (as we know not sing, shout) in the pub. This Saturday the center was crowded and we were surprised that O’Neill’s not full. My friends told me it was strange because normally […]