Banquets in our café: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, receptions, parties …

Dear guests!

Club Cafe “Prancing Dreadnought” is pleased to offer you their services for the organization of your holiday. Our advantages :

  • Successful geographical location and accessibility. Our club is located a few minutes from the metro stations Sukharevskaya, Komsomolskaya and Prospekt Mira.
  • The presence of all necessary equipment allows you to rent the premises of the club under any format events – a banquet, reception, corporate event, concert, exhibition, etc.
  • Creative menu, talented and competent chef, ready to fulfill all your wishes, professional staff.
  • We are also ready to offer you the services of a professional presenter, DJ’s, musicians who are able to fill your holiday with fun and make it memorable
  • A special feature of our club – mead-house, as well as a wide range of beer and other alcoholic drinks!

Choosing our restaurant, you prefer quality, professional service and unique atmosphere of comfort. Believe me, we know that each of our offer to the visitor, and you will surely be happy with the services of our restaurant. We are always glad to see you!


The choice of dishes for the banquet order is constructed as follows:

  • The total amount of food per person is about 1000 – 1200 g
  • This number includes 2-3 kinds of food hot and cold appetizers, salads and hot with a garnish.
  • When ordering you choose range of dishes (for example, 5 kinds of cold appetizers, 3 kinds of salads, 2 types of hot and garnish), after which the chef will recalculate the amount of each type of food, based on the selected proportions and your strength. Filing and serving at the same time for the convenience made on special banquet dishes, which lies several servings of food. As a result, your guests sit at the festive table and a varied enjoy a delicious variety.
  • Cold drink from our chef as a gift from places served in carafes.

Our price:

  • 1000 rubles per person if ordered drinks and alcohol in our menu.
  • 1700 rubles per person with his alcohol and drinks.

These prices are approximate and subject to change depending on your wishes. And we are happy to give discounts to our friends:)


  • 800 rubles per person – a menu of hot and cold snacks for your wishes and recommendations of the chef
  • at the cost of the buffet table more than 50 000 rubles, you can bring your own alcohol and soft drinks.

Cocktail “for its” (the format of the club for friends, volunteers and owners club cards):

  • 500 rubles per person, with his alcohol can not bear. This amount is very conditional. Usually, you simply adjust the amount to which you want to order and we form a sentence.

Additional services:

  • hall decoration balls from 4000 rubles;
  • “Hill champagne” – from 4000 rubles for 30 glasses
  • When ordering a banquet or buffet in the amount of more than 80 000 in gift we decorate the hall for a holiday or make a pile of free champagne;
  • leading to the individual program, musical groups from 10 000 rubles, if you do not need a program, and has its own musicians or leading, then you pay only for the sound engineer, rental of musical equipment in the amount of 1,000 rubles per hour;

In addition to the reservation will be charged 10% of the banquet service.
A deposit of 50% paid two weeks prior to the event.
The club is closed entirely by you if your order amount is 90 000, if the order amount is less, then we free for you only one of the rooms. Well, if you have 15 people and you want to sit in the cozy company, we focus on a few tables, and placed special screens to other visitors do not interfere with your holiday.

Banquet menu

Remember, if there is something you do not find, just ask and we will prepare this dish for you!

Salad “Caesar” with salmon or chicken
Salad “Greek” with cheese
Salad Dorblu of mixed salad with roasted bacon and dressing of olive oil and cheese Dorblu
Salad spy “Take the language.” Lettuce, spicy-sweet dressing Mai Tai, beef tongue, bell pepper
Skipper salad, beef, apples and cheese
Susie salad with chicken, two kinds of beans and walnuts
Salad “Aquamarine” hot with marine language, apples and cheese
Cold appetizers
Cheese platter “Plate Monty.” 4 cheese with grapes and walnuts
Cold cuts. Roast beef, pork, chicken roll. Served with greens, pickled cucumbers and podmidorkami
Salted salmon on a salad leaf
Veal tongue with horseradish
Herring in Russian with boiled potatoes
Pickled vegetables
Mushroom basket
Vegetable bouquet. Assorted fresh vegetables
Stuffed Eggplant with nuts or cheese
Hot appetizers
Boiled or fried shrimp
Grilled chicken wings with hot sauce
Julienne of chicken or mushroom, served in a basket of dough
Cheese balls
Grilled pork neck
Leg of lamb roasted with garlic
Grilled pork ribs
Grilled chicken fillet. Served with cucumber and spicy sauce Gold
Salmon steak in cream sauce with caviar
Schnitzel “New Venice” with parmesan
Pork chops with apples, tomatoes and cheese “Altdorf”
Grilled vegetables. Peppers, zucchini, eggplant
Potatoes “peasant-style”
Boiled rice with vegetables

We also offer a 30% discount on beer and mead cocktails ordered a banquet and 15% for all other drinks and desserts, presented in our menu.
We are waiting for you! If you have any questions, please call +7 (925) 589-06-23