Halloween. The beginning. Prancing Dreadnought is.

Thu, 10/31/2015 – 20:00
Entrance – 400 rubles. 
Prancing Dreadnought is a presentation of the new project: “Living the game.”

It’s dark, troubled times. Time until winter, but after the fall. A time when the boundaries between the worlds erased.  The time when all the secret fears, all the most hideous nightmare becomes real. Time fear. Time evil. Time of darkness. And, of course, a time to kill! Studio “Live Game” begins a series of annual games on the favorite holiday of all. Halloween. The beginning. And also with us celebrate WALLACE BAND – natural akustikfolka fabulous legends, which are hardened Celts stubbornly believe Halloween Samhain and the program will be given a proper!

Art Club Massol.
Sretensky Boulevard,. 6/1 (the last before the arch Milyutinsky Lane, if you walk from the metro. Sretensky Boulevard, in the courtyard).
+7 926 267 7614

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