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A selection of the 14 best wine books published in Spanish by Northern Beaches Myob Bookkeeper
Spain is one of the major editorial powers in the world, but for years the publishing lameness in terms of publications about wine has been blatant.The third world producing country lacked the most basic theoretical and practical texts. Something has changed in recent years. Publications, mostly translations, increase has been steady, thanks to the work of a couple of publishers such as Zed and Blume, which is worthy of praise.Today it is possible to read in Spanish numerous books on viticulture, oenology and wine tasting.

But we miss translations of Parker, of the monumental The Oxford Companion guides to Wine by Jancis Robinson (where Victor de la Serna writes everything related to Spain), or Vines, grapes & wines, his already classic book about different varieties; texts on specific areas of the world or authentic treatises on harmonies between wines and dishes… But the largest Lagoon’s own creation. Shortage of treaties on zones Spanish, by not referring to texts written by Spaniards abroad. We only found a solid representation in subjects such as viticulture or microbiology. Fortunately, we will gradually, away from isolation.

1. the wine, the strain to the Cup María Isabel Mijares and José Antonio Saéz Illobre
Editions Mundi-Prensa
Price: €15,50
Comment: Book of enological broadcasting very enjoyable, simple and understandable. Describes, step by step, “from the strain to the Cup”, from the floor, the wine, until the moment in which the consumer serves it in the Cup. Magnificent manual to start the knowledge of wine.

2 grapes and wines
Oz Clarke
Price: €39,90
Comment: In the absence of a translation of the books of Jancis Robinson or Pierre Gallet, this is the most interesting manual. More than 300 tasting described form alphabetical, including their characteristics in different areas where they occur. Hundreds of producers recommended, with special emphasis on the most well known varieties. It includes a useful glossary that relates each denomination with the authorized grapes.

3. encyclopedia of wine
Christian Callec
Mentor Books
Price: €24.95
Comment: In this augmented encyclopedia regarding his previous publication, the reader may find descriptions of the most important types of grape, the different origins of wine types, different wine country information, including the new world, as well as a description of its main appellations of origin with a description of the main characteristics of their wines.

5 course tasting
Jancis Robinson
Price: €22.75
Comment: Jancis Robinson is one of the largest European authorities within the wine sector. The course that presents is eminently practical. It will begin by teach you how to taste wine and align it with the meal, before moving on to treat the most important grape varieties and wines stemming from them. This manual is designed so that any reader can learn to taste.

Oenology: scientific and technological foundations | Claude Flancy | AMV and edits academic press | Price: €106,00 | There are books that have become the first choice of a subject from the market. It is the case of this treated complex coordinated by the Professor of the University of Montpellier, Claude Flanzy. Since the chemical analysis to different elaborations of sweet wines, it covers a range of subjects that will make happy any seasoned reader.
Encyclopedia of wine | Oz Clarke | Blume | Price: €47,45 | Useful manual for anyone who wants to get closer to the world of wine. The encyclopedia is sorted alphabetically so that readers can find, with ease, any region or denomination of origin wine of the world, producer or variety of grape, along more than 1,600 entries detailed. It contains a glossary and includes recommendations on vintages.
Practical winemaking: knowledge and wine | Emile Peynaud | Ed. academic press | Price: €21,50 | A classic within the oenology in Bordeaux eminent Professor Émile Peynaud. Excellent book of theoretical and practical utility.Deepen the knowledge of wine, production and ageing. Addressed to all lovers of wine, whether they are professional or amateur. Enjoyable read, it is understandable for anyone who wants to start.
Treaty of Enology (two volumes) | Jose Hidalgo Togores | Mundi-Prensa editions | Price: €125,00 | Pepe Hidalgo is a well-known and renowned winemaker, writer, promoter and Professor. Newly appeared, his “treatise on winemaking” is addressed to preferably to winemakers, sommeliers curious and all those who want to delve into the wine and need a reliable and detailed manual.
Sensory analysis and tasting of wines from Spain | Spanish Union of wine tasters | Spanish agricultural publishing | Price: €28.84 | The publication of the work, promoted by the Spanish Union of wine tasters, is not a treaty to use; to the usual topics added them a study on the different colors of the wine, the difficult wine-tasting liqueur wines and liquor, along with the tasting of sparkling or road and tasting by wines from Spain.
Dictionary Espasa: wine | José Peñín | Espasa | Price: €34,00 | Next Dictionary published in the publishing house Salvat by Mauricio Wiesenthal, this is the most useful. Brings together more than 2,200 entries and 300 illustrations and offers comprehensive information on all aspects surrounding the wine culture: varieties, wine regions, wineries, appellations of origin, etc. Reference work both for specialists and for any lover of this complex world.
Tried to viticulture | Luis Hidalgo | Mundi-Prensa editions | Price: €64,00 |Luis Hidalgo is one of the greatest world authorities in viticulture. From the cultivation of the vine in the world and its origins, until the harvest. All issues related to the viticulture are treated wide and accurately: the physiology of the vine, soils, pruning it… You only miss an explanation reasoned about the types of land that are best suited to each variety.
It came | André Dominé | Könemann | Price: €42.00 | More than 250 accurate maps and a pleasant presentation of the different wine-growing areas of the world become the best utensil for your knowledge. Add a good recommendation from the best producers in each area. This extensive and comprehensive book, beautifully edited, has come to fill a major gap in a matter in which the manuals are conspicuous by their absence.
The taste of the wine. The big book of tasting | Emile Peynaud | Mundi-Prensa editions | Price: €59,00 | If I had to choose a great book about the tasting, it would be this. Work tasters, will find it interesting technical and curious who want to deepen. Techniques of tasting, Gustatory vocabulary, classification of aromas, formation of the tasters, tasting difficulties… They are some of the subjects; treated. For years it has been the reference in the matter.
The wine. New world atlas | Hugh Johnson | Blume | Price: €56,95 | Since its first edition, it has become inseparable companion of all wine lovers.Lots of detailed maps of the most important wine regions of the world with the reproduction of different brands and labels photographs that illustrate the text complement information with data precise and concrete of the types of soil, climate, cultivation, tastings and elaboration.

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