Main Menu

Salad “Caesar” with chicken or salmon salted 200g 360 rubles.
Salad “Greek” with cheese 200g 240 rubles.
Salad Dorblu of mixed salad with roasted bacon and dressing of olive oil and cheese Dor Blue. 200 g 270 rubles.
Salad spy “Take the language.” Lettuce, spicy-sweet dressing Mai Tai, beef tongue, bell pepper. 180 g 270 rubles.
Skipper salad, beef, apples and cheese. 180 g 270 rubles.
Cheese platter. 4 cheese with grapes and walnuts. 200 g 350 rubles.
Cold cuts. Roast beef, pork and chicken roll with pickles. 200 g 350 rubles.
Salted salmon on a salad leaf 130/60 g 230 rubles.
Veal tongue with horseradish. 120 g 240 rubles.
Herring in Russian with boiled potatoes. Encouraged to try to form rolls 190 g 200 rubles.
Club-sandwich with a choice of chicken, salmon or beef 330 g 280 rubles.
Pickled vegetables with pickled mushrooms 300 g 300 rubles.
Assorted fresh vegetables. 300 g 300 rubles.
Boiled or fried shrimp, your choice. 150 g 270 rubles.
Grilled chicken wings with the sauce of your choice 250/30 g 270 rubles.
Cheese balls with sauce of your choice 150 g 220 rubles.
Garlic croutons of black bread with sauce of your choice. 230 g 180 rubles.
Squid rings fries with sauce of your choice 160 g 250 rubles.
Beer platter for two. Onion rings, squid rings, croutons, chicken wings, cheese balls. 700 g 780 rubles.


First courses
Meat soup with lentils, three kinds of meat and leek. 250 g 250 rubles.
Chowder. Creamy American soup with clams and salmon. 250 g 250 rubles.
Cream soup with bacon, potatoes, stewed vegetables and herbs. 250 g 250 rubles.
Onion soup, baked with cheese toast. 250 g 250 rubles.
Russian halophyte with four kinds of meat. 250 g 250 rubles.
Meat and poultry
Grilled beef tenderloin. 170/100/40 g 550 rubles.
Grilled Beef Ribeye or Striploin 300/30/20 g 850 rubles.
Grilled pork neck 250/150/50 g 450 rubles.
Pork knuckle baked in the oven with barbecue sauce, served with sauerkraut, horseradish and mustard, pickled vegetables 600/100/50/30/10 g … 550 rubles.
Knuckle of turkey with cranberry sauce and potato wedges. 400 g 450 rubles.
Chicken curry. Traditional Indian dish. Spicy and very satisfying. 250 g 350 rubles.
Meat pie from the chef “Submarine”. Satisfying dish and surround, a cap of puff pastry. With a choice of chicken, lamb or vegetarian. 350 g 330 rubles.
Fajitas – a mixture of roasted vegetables in a spicy Mexican sauce. Served sizzling on a hot skovorodochke. With a choice of chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian. 250 g 350 rubles.
Pleskavitsa with lecho. Most of marbled beef patty served on a hot tortilla with tomato letcho. Traditional Balkan dish. 300 g 400 rubles.
Pork with mushrooms in sour cream. Served in a pot. 250 g 350 rubles.
Grilled chicken fillet. Served with cucumber and spicy sauce Golden. 150/100/10/50 g 350 rubles.
Chicken tobacco. Traditional chicken with garlic. Served with adzhika. 400 g 360 rubles.
Fish dishes
 Salmon steak in cream sauce with caviar 150/30/15 g 420 rubles.
 Stew with salmon. Includes chopped tomatoes and mushrooms in wine and cream sauce. 250 g 340 rubles.
 Trout stuffed with vegetables 200/30 g 450 rubles.
 Sea bass or bream grilled with sauce 300/50 g 450 rubles.


Dishes of vegetables and side dishes
 Potato pancakes, potato pancakes with bacon. 200/50/50/30 g 250 rubles.
 Grilled vegetables. Peppers, zucchini, eggplant. 150 g 200 rubles.
 Stew with porcini mushrooms. Vegetable stew in a creamy mushroom sauce with cheese. 300 g 300 rubles.
 Potatoes “peasant-style” 150 g 150 rubles.
 Fried potatoes with mushrooms 150g 280 rubles.
 Boiled rice with vegetables 120 g 100 rubles.


 Apple strudel with nuts, cinnamon and nutmeg. Served with ice cream. 150 g 230 rubles.
Carrot cake with poppy seeds and sauce of your choice (chocolate, strawberry or caramel). Served hot with vanilla ice cream. 150/50/30 g 230 rubles.
 Brownie. Chocolate cake served with ice cream. 150/50/30 g 230 rubles.
 Ice cream in assortment. 120/20 g 230 rubles.