Alcohol-free menu


Espresso 50 ml 130 rubles.
US 2 00 ml 130 rubles.
Cappuccino 200 ml 180 rubles.
Latte 300 ml 230 rubles.
Iced  200ml 200 rubles.
Espresso Con Panna. Strong coffee, whipped cream, cinnamon, grated chocolate 200ml 180 rubles.
The bartender at your request add syrup, cream or milk in coffee.
Hot chocolate.  Chintakka – a unique hot chocolate recipes on the ancient Maya. At your request, you can add a spicy or hot spices, as well as ice cream. 200 rubles.


Milk Oolong  500ml
Tea turquoise long leaf
240 rubles.
Palace Puer  500 ml
Elite Chinese black tea baikhovi leaved
200 rubles.
Saint-ca  500 ml
only imported to Russia tea from Taiwan. Green tea varieties broad-Saint-Cha selective export quality.
150 rubles.
Tea with rosehip 500 ml
Loved by many Black tea with rose hips.
160 rubles.
Jasmine Spirals  500 ml
green long leaf tea with jasmine petals.
180 rubles.
Black velvet 500 ml
black long leaf tea.
130 rubles.
Captain tea  500ml
Black tea with mint and sugar, served in a large circle
180 rubles.
At your request, we can add the mint, thyme, honey, lemon or ginger

Soft drinks

Mojito soft klssichesky or cranberry  300ml 180 rubles.
Milkshake with ice cream  300 ml 180 rubles.
Cocktail raspberry cream 300ml 230 rubles.
Autumn lemonade (based drink apple juice and sprite) 300/1000 ml 150/350 rubles.
Homemade lemonade (based drink orange juice and fruit) 300/1000 ml 150/350 rubles.
Cranberry Limond (carbonated drink with lime and cranberry) 300/1000 ml 150/350 rubles.
Hot apple  500 ml
Warming drink flavored apple and cinnamon
180 rubles.
Non-alcoholic mulled wine  200ml
drink based on fruit and fruit drinks.
200 rubles.
Vittel water 300 ml 150 rubles.
Bon Aqua Water 90 rubles.
Coca-cola, Sprite, Schweppes to choose from  200 ml 120 rubles.
Effect Energy 250ml 120 rubles.
Juices and fruit drinks in the range of  200 ml 120 rubles.