50ml – 250 rubles.
0.5L – 2200 rubles.
Jack Daniels


50ml – 280rubles.
0.5l- 2700rubles.


50ml – 200rubles.
0.5L – 1800rubles.
Hennessy VSOP


50 ml – 500rubles.
0.5L – 4500rubles.
Sauza Gold


50ml – 250rubles.
0.5L – 2300rubles.
Sauza Blanco 50ml – 250rubles.
0.5L – 2300rubles.
Bacardi Black 50 ml – 230rubles.
0.75l – 2000rubles
Bacardi Gold 50ml – 220rubles.
0.75l – 2000rubles
Parliament 50 ml – 100rubles.
0.5l – 600rubles.
Russian Standard 50 ml – 150rubles.
0.5l – 800rubles.
Finlandia 0.5l 1500 rubles.
Baileys 50ml 200 rubles.
Gordons Gin 50ml 200 rubles.
Absinthe Old Tradition Absinth 50 ml 270 rubles.
Sambuca Isolabella 50 ml – 220rubles.
0.7l – 2000rubles.
Martini Bianco 100ml – 220rubles.
1L – 1500rubles.
Sparkling wine
Lambrusco 150 ml – 200rubles
0.75l – 800rubles.
Martini asti 0.75 1800 rubles.
Tai’an Rouge

red n / sweet

Wine, admirable. Uncorking cork seemed to let the genie – a fragrant and sonorous this wine.This is due to varietal composition. Wine should be commended for their bright bouquet and incredible flavor. Highly recommended as an accompaniment to steak or pork neck.

150 ml – 200rubles 0.75 – 600 rubles.
Tai’an Blanc

white semi / sweet

Wine from southern grape varieties growing on the Mediterranean coast of France. Wine rich yellow color with amber reflections. Different flavor of exotic fruits and spicy pineapple-citrus aftertaste. Goes well with Greek salad and fish dishes.

150 ml – 200rubles.

0.75 – 600rubles.

Sarmientos Tarapaca

red dry

Merlot wine Sarmientos rich ruby ​​color, with aromas of ripe fruit and hints of white pepper. In the mouth, soft, well-balanced, with ripe tannins and a pleasant aftertaste.

150ml – 250rubles.

0.75 – 800rubles.

Falerno del Massiko 0.75l

red dry

dry white

We offer you Italian wine, grapes for which are grown on the slopes of Mount Massiko. Here in Roman times did one of the most famous wines in the history of mankind. Currently produces white and red wines of the denomination.   Dry red is perfect for cheeses. And we recommend to the white river trout.

1800 rubles.
Hot cocktails
Mulled wine 200ml / 500ml
cr. wine, apple, orange, cinnamon, cloves
Glogg 200ml / 500ml
cr. wine, vodka, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, cloves, sugar syrup
Grog 200ml / 500ml
rum, black tea, sugar syrup, cloves, cinnamon, lemon, nutmeg, anise
Irish coffee 200ml
whiskey, coffee, whipped cream, coffee beans
230 rubles.
Coffee with Baileys 200ml
Baileys, coffee, whipped cream, mint
230 rubles.
Coffee with mint liqueur 200ml
mint liqueur, coffee, whipped cream, mint
230 rubles.
B-52 50ml
Kahlua, Baileys, Cointreau
300 rubles.
B-53 50 ml
Kahlua, Baileys, absinthe
320 rubles.
Red dog 50 ml
tequila, sambuca, Tabasco
230 rubles.
Reef 50 ml
Kahlua, Sambuca, absinthe
320 rubles.
“The Lower Depths” 50ml
mint liqueur, whiskey, gin
230 rubles.
Medusa 50ml
Blue Curacao syrup, sambuca, Baylis, grenadine syrup
240 rubles.
Volley 50ml
sambuca, Baylis, absinthe, Grenadine Syrup
270 rubles.
Lost in Translation 350ml
gin, Cointreau, tequila, rum, orange juice, peach juice, lime, whipped cream, Grenadine Syrup, orange, cherry
400 rubles.
Drift 350ml
vodka, raspberry, raspberry topping, juice, crushed ice, mint
250 rubles.
Gutter bar 350ml
lime juice, ginger syrup, strawberry, tequila, juice, crushed ice, mint, cherry
300 rubles.
Tortuga 350ml
rum, Cointreau, mint liqueur, orange juice, chocolate topping, lemon, cherry
300 rubles.
Mojito 350 ml
rum, mint, lime, sprite, crushed ice
250 rubles.
Cranberry Mojito 350 ml
lime, mint, cranberry, rum, juice, Sprite, crushed ice
250 rubles.
Long Island Ice Tea 350ml
vodka, gin, Cointreau, tequila, rum, cola and lemon
400 rubles.
Adyos 350ml
gin, vodka, tequila, rum, Blue Curacao syrup, Sprite, lemon
400 rubles.
Tequila Sunrise 350ml
tequila, orange juice, Grenadine Syrup, orange, cherry
270 rubles.
Sex on the Beach 350ml
vodka, peach juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, orange, cherry
230 rubles.
Blue Lagoon 350ml
vodka, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, syrup, Blue Curacao
230 rubles.
Sigmund Freud 250 ml
Kahlua, Baileys, cream, caramel syrup, whipped cream, cherries
350 rubles.
Pina Colada 350ml
rum, cream, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, whipped cream, cherry
280 rubles.
Margarita 100ml
tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, salt
300 rubles.
Cosmopolitan 150ml
Cointreau, vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice
280 rubles.
Bloody Mary 350ml
vodka, tomato juice, salt, pepper, Tabasco
200 rubles.
Whiskey Cola 200ml
whiskey cola
230 rubles.
Gin and tonic 200ml
gin, tonic
230 rubles.
Cuba Libre 200ml
rum, cola, lime
230 rubles.
Captain! Anchor surfaced! 200ml
Kahlua, vodka, cream
320 rubles.
For those who are self-confident:
Green Angel 150ml
tequila, vodka, absinthe, orange juice, cola, black pepper
350 rubles.
“Alien Awad” 150ml
vodka, gin, tequila, rum, Sambuca, absinthe, lemon juice, cola, cinnamon Ground
350 rubles.

Beer on draft

Boatswain (light company) 500 ml 100 rubles.
Faxe (bright Scandinavian)   500 ml 200 rubles.
Lowenbrau dark 500ml 180 rubles.
Hoegaarden (light unfiltered Belgian) 500ml 350 rubles.
Hobgoblin (dark English ale) 500 ml
290 rubles.
Klosterbroy (German dark cherry flavor) 500 ml
380 rubles.
Mead home from the chef  500ml 150 rubles.
Heather Mead 500 ml 170 rubles.
Scottish ginger ale with raisins 500 ml 180 rubles.

Bottled beer

Staropramen  500 ml 150 rubles.
Siberian Crown b / a 500 ml 90 rubles.

Cocktails on the basis of beer

Pranks Potter  500 ml
(pale ale, Sprite, apple syrup, ginger syrup).
200 rubles.
Avatar  500 ml
(pale ale, Sprite, Blue Curacao syrup)
180 rubles.
Deep Irish bomb 500 ml
(beer Hobgoblin, whiskey)
400 rubles.
Deep Russian bomb 500 ml
(light beer, vodka)
220 rubles.