Music and beer in O’Neill’s in Moscow

Last Saturday I went to O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Moscow. We had been that day in a conference on zombies, then we went for tapas and just belting out (as we know not sing, shout) in the pub. This Saturday the center was crowded and we were surprised that O’Neill’s not full. My friends told me it was strange because normally usually way up and can not even get in but will the fate of the beginners that day we had room to spare. The pub is huge. It has two floors , the top one was fuller and was a bit difficult to order at the counter but at the bottom there was hardly anyone and best of all, they had their own bar.

As you can see in the photo, I took me a Paulaner and ended up singing. Keep in mind that was coming from having tapas with their canes. And that night was Aaron Anastasi with songs like Can not buy me love of The Beatles or Roar of Katy Perry a can not resist to give choir group.

Although I came food, beer so I got hungry and as one of my friends asked some with a great pint , I ended up biting and I ordered the chicken strips with honey mustard sauce . I ate them in anything good they were and why they came enough. I like that about it despite being a pub also has the menu for dinner. Sometimes it’s a can go for a drink and having only drinks because they pass a few hours you enter an awful hungry I just in the first hamburguersería you find yourself or your empty house the fridge and mine is already empty enough. Anecdotally night, the final between beer and music just talking to some touristy Manchester that poor people would believe they would flirt or something, but no. Although tided a while to practice English because it will shut accent they have in Manchester. In DolceCity Moscow: O’Neill’s

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