New menu: Cocktails with coffee

The tendency to taste good coffee is increasingly popular and chic again. In part, responds to a growing industry that produces this product and also to innovative ways to serve customers and tenants who have found.

But it is not surprising. . From its origins that coffee has fascinated and conquered the palates of many in the world At first it was a spice, an expensive luxury that only a few could enjoy; today it is very popular and is available to everyone, you can see coffee everywhere. Nowadays the industry has experienced a huge explosion, product of its mass and mainly makeover. The grain stopped being the typical cup of steaming black coffee and became a product with many flavors and ways to combine. At the same time, the increasingly cool cafes were spreading throughout the world. VARIETY OF COFFEE A good cup of coffee is synonymous with energy , of pleasant conversation between friends and especially to prominence in the workplace, for their stimulating effects. Therefore, always find a coffee at meetings or in days of extensive study. As we know their preparation is not complicated and only requires combining the precise amount of freshly roasted green coffee beans max and ground with water, milk and sugar.Today , there are several varieties, adapting to the taste of each person. If you do not know many cafes we tell about popular: Café cut: refers to espresso with milk foam on top Mocha (Mokaccino): 1/3 espresso, 1/3 and 1/3 milk chocolate. Ready! Cappuccino: Espresso coffee with frothy milk, sprinkled with cocoa powder coffee praline coffee with condensed milk choco coffee: espresso sprinkled with cocoa powder frappé Coffee: cualquiere varieties of coffees, either flavor or traditional but I scrambled with crushed ice.

The above blends seem, at first glance, simple, why the concern of some carried two elixirs powerful in a single cup mingle. coffee and alcohol it is common knowledge that coffee and alcohol have a natural affinity , one reason may be that the stimulant properties of caffeine outweigh the depressive effects of alcohol, leaving us alert and uninhibited, although a little unstable. The truth is that coffee and alcohol have been longtime partners: and in 1795 it was mixed with vodka. According to the master mixologist Belvedere Claire Smith, in that year the Swedes mixed vodka and coffee with this equation: “Put a coin in a cup Pour the coffee until you can not see the coin. . Pour over the vodka until you can see the coin again. Repeat until you’re seeing double. ” However, the current best combination of coffee and alcohol is Irish coffee. Legend has it that in the 1940s A chef Foynes airport in Ireland received with coffee and whiskey passengers a flight diverted to soothe your mood. The drink practically moved on to many parts of the world and today at least two thousand “Irish coffees are served “per day. A curious fact? Some people think that this drink was the inspiration for Gilbeys would begin the marketing of Ireland in 1974, Baileys, also based on coffee, cream and Irish whiskey drink, which is sometimes called ” industrialized Irish “coffee.

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