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Many are the ones who qualify for art photography still life. Personally, the technical picture wows me, and specifically advertising, is me very interesting since it is often very elaborate to transmit the message and the feelings that is desired by the customer in a very powerful way.

Today I bring you a recipe, acquired of great professionals to give you that extra to our still-lifes of drinks point and which remain to us as well as see those us on the billboards, on trucks or in TV ads.In this case I have done with beer, but it is equally valid to photograph a bottle of soda or almost any other type of drink, so aim!

And why does it take a recipe for this?, you may ask those who have not tried it. Then the answer is very simple, and it is that if we try to do it without using “tricks” the end result will be disastrous, I assure you.

Detalle de bodegón de cerveza Mahou

In these examples, the frame and background are completely neutral and boring, I know, but it was mainly to illustrate the result of technique to give the sensation of freshness and you look so tempting, so you may not be too hard. That, you missed me leverage to shoot any other closed framing or even macro, but not available at that point in the appropriate funds to, for example, a feeling of azure sky.So I made a cut to size 100% to see the detail of the finished fresco that we try to get.

Bodegón de cerveza MahouI have included a couple of “traps” that photographs are not usable, since I have not done them custom made for any brand, but only to illustrate the technique: in the first, it is clear and consists of that Cup and bottle does not correspond to the same variety of beer, the second simply isn’t the liquid into the glass wheat but only cheap supermarket pilsner beer (color and transparency not) they have nothing to do).



  • K-line mateador photography in spray or spray, which can be found in shops from photography.
  • Pure Glycerin, they also sell it in any specialized store.
  • A rechargeable sprayer , a cloth and all photographic material you want to use for our still life (cardboard/background, table still life, lighting, etc.).
  • To photograph elements (to everyone’s taste, I put those in my still life):
    • Glass or Cup.
    • Bottle. Very important is the time! If it is cold will fail (is certainly paradoxical to give the appearance of cold have to be “cunt” and unpalatable).
  • Any more than spare bottle (also time! so forget about the to drown after penalties if you do not leave!!) will need to fill the jar without having to open the bottle of still life (can use other substitute liquid that is apparent, I used for example litronas of the cheapest that had in the supermarket, but this of course depends on the still life that we want to) or replacement in case of We break or damage something label, for example.
  • And how now, the liquid element: water.
  • Ask some photo booth rental company if you lack one of the ingredients above.



  1. Preparing the set of still life photographic: place and measure light primary and secondary (if applicable), background, etc.
  2. Remove the back label, if you have it, so that is not visible or hinders us transillumination, if we do it (with the rush I forgot it and is fatal).
  3. With the cloth, clean very well the bottle and the glass we are going to shoot, it can be perfectly dry and pristine (I recommend to use cotton gloves to handle them now, as in the case of any still life of polished objects, or be extremely careful).
  4. Apply several layers of mateador to items, broadly covering the entire area that will be visible in our photography (you don’t have to throw out the back if it is not going to be, and so we can then hold by that party without that run us off). Beware of making it to some of the object distance!
  5. Make a mix for the sprayer with a proportion of 20% water and 80% Glycerin, and spray the elements to get the finish that you like (I recommend trying to get the largest possible size drops and does not move so they do not soak the surface, thus avoiding believe those jets as you can see in the first bottle if you look well).
  6. Very carefully to avoid damaging the finish, placing our still life, for the time being without liquid, for the testing of framing and lighting that you need.
  7. Once we have everything ready, now only we need to put the beer in the glass carefully to not pour liquid and run up our beautiful still life, and shoot our photo
  • On this last point, you’ll have to find you the technique to allow the foam to the level that you like and make photos quickly so not you time down (so it is important to have everything else already more that tested and resolved), although there are people who use another type of synthetic foam to emulate it and have much longer (such as shaving foam without going any further).


Bodegón de cerveza FranziskanerA further advice about lighting is to use a single light and filled with a reflector if need us to, but also If we want to give you a more impressive brightness even to the liquid inside, can trim reflective cardboard (very clear or mirror metallized) with the shape of the bottle or the glass/cup projection and lay back taking care that you reflect the main light through the liquid to camera (remember removing the back label of the) bottles!).

Also we can save expensive Glycerin and the also-expensive mateador, spreading it with Vaseline and spraying water. Also, tell you that there are other more or less similar techniques and that they can get a little cheaper and we can serve to learn or practice, but I personally think that if we are going to make this type of photo as careful will normally be custom-made – more or less well paid – and what prevail will be an excellent result above a few euros more or less.

By way of example, also then I leave a couple of pictures more I found in our favorite online community.

Botella de Coca-Cola fresca

As you can see, that we risk with the frame and a little experience, it is easy to get results rather than interesting because our bottle is already,”cold” and that is what is really important when we see something we could drink us: we want truth!

Botella de Pepsi-Cola fresca

In this one, the truth is that to me personally not just me too convince used lighting (for what I would look for with this photo, eye!), but nevertheless I am sure that even so, the first coup of view most would say: “Mmmm… how cool would be that drink right now!”. That’s what we have to get the final aspect of our image.

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