‘Spain, the pioneer in the marketing of non-alcoholic beer’

QCOM.es.-the Association possesses a historical trajectory, currently includes companies and what develops?

CE- as well identified, Brewers of Spain group from 1922 to the whole of the national brewing industry. Currently the Association represents almost all of the beer production in Spain, with the following business groups: Grupo MAHOU-SAN MIGUEL, HEINEKEN ESPAÑA, Grupo DAMM, ESTRELLA LEVANTE, group ALHAMBRA food, children of RIVERA, company CERVECERA DE CANARIAS and LA ZARAGOZANA. One of the most important areas of work of the association relates to the defence and maintenance of patterns of consumption of beertypical of Mediterranean culture. With this objective the sector develops educational and preventive campaigns, rather than by the restrictive, appropriate to the type of audience to which it is addressed: children under age (parents have the word), young people (a finger of foam, two fingers of forehead), drivers (the road asks without) or nursing mothers (a pregnancy without )).

QCOM.es – what are the greatest challenges for the brewing industry in Spain today?

CE- in the first place, and given the importance of the economic situation, the challenge becomes to maintain the efforts madeuntil now to encourage the consumption of beer in the channel host, so important for the national economy. Another challenge, according to the vocation of growth that has always characterized the sector, is to continue the trend of recent years with respect to foreign trade: remain competitive abroad and conquer new markets.

QCOM.es – the current economic situation is leading to a decrease in consumption to all levels, how is this scenario affecting the brewing industry?

CE- the economic situation is affecting all sectors of consumption and our case is no exception. And is that the consumption of beer in the catering trade is closely related to the confidence of consumers and the general feeling of the population, two factors that are not now at its best. As a result of this, the consumption of beer in the hotel and catering channel, which generates more wealth, accumulated a decrease of 21% in the last 6 years. Although hospitality is maintained as consumption of beer mayoritari channelor, in 2012, suffered a reduction of the consumptions of 4.5% compared to the increase of 3.5% of the total of the amount of beer consumed in the home.

QCOM.es – beer consumption is closely linked to the climate aspect and events of popular interest as it was the Euro-2012, do you consider that 2013 will be a good year for consumption?

CE- the truth is that it is difficult to make this type of forecast, especially if we bear in mind that last year, despite the euro and to the increase in tourism, beer consumption did not increase. So far, that parece that we already started to have a more typical of these dates weather, meteorology, with abundant rainfall and low temperatures, not favoured beer consumption. However, if the weather still joining us and lto trust of the consumers improvement, since the sector consider that you can think of the rest of the year with optimism. In this sense, the fact of having a stable fiscal framework, coupled with the efforts of the beer companies and catering establishments, can contribute without a doubt to encourage the consumption of beer in this sector.

QCOM.es – hospitality and catering have an important weight to the beer companies; However, the consumption in this area has declined by 4.5%, how to the sector is facing this situation?

CE- the fact of the decline of 4.5% corresponds to occasions of consumption in catering and comes to confirm the trend started with the crisis. It is a fact that we note with concern, since the consumption of beer in this sector involves aleverage in the economy in terms of job creation and the State under tax collection. You have to take into consideration that more than half of the jobs generated by the consumption of beer are in our bars and restaurants.

QCOM.es – each more and more, companies are committed to reinvestment in r & d, how important is this aspect to the beer companies? Do you have evidence of the number of new products that the beer industry put on the market each year?

CE- the investment in r & d plays an important role in this sector where we have detected a new consumer profile that demands more and more new products, beyond the classic Lager. So we have been committed to innovation and each year our companies releasednew varieties of beer: gPremium, suitable for people with celiac disease, etc. And talking about innovation pioneer not cannot ignore the fact that Spain is a country in the marketing of non-alcoholic beer.

QCOM.es – the beer industry increased by 25% during the past year, their exports, which actions are being held to continue to grow in the international market?

CE: the key of this growth lies in the dynamism of the brewing of our country, companies committed to market their products in other markets other than the Spanish. This strategy helps the fact that quality of beer is so valued by the millions of tourists who visit each year Spain and that upon returning to their countries of origin seek our brands.

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