The pairing of food and wine reviews

What wine goes best to what food is a question that generates different, therefore inspired opinions, Jamie Goode (a writer on wines from the United Kingdom) generalizes the views on marriage of wine and food in four categories.

What is the marriage of wine and food?

The marriage of wine and food is the process of “marrying” (metaphorically) a food with a wine with the intention of enhancing the pleasure of eating them.

The main concept behind pairings is that certain elements of the food and wines, such as texture and flavor, react differently to the mix; and find the right combination of these will make dining a more pleasurable experience for the palate.


Positions on the pairing of food and wine

Nihilist: “everything is a lovey-dovey.”

It is the most extreme but minority position.

These people think that all the writings about the relationship between food and wine is lying, since never put in the mouth the wine and food at the same time.

Legalistic: “it’s an exact with a set of specific science”.

It is the traditional position, adopted by the classical works of authors like Hugh Johnson(an expert British writer about wine).

Some books dedicated whole chapters to outline the best kinds of wine for each food product.

The problem with this position is that focuses on classic wines of yesteryear and they do not take into account the current options.

Anarchist: “break all rules”.

This is the position that is becoming fashionable.

According to them, drinking wine with fish is OK.

Or if you drink Sauvignon Blanc with meat, it is also good.

There are no rules and everything depends on the consumer.

Pragmatista: “there are good and bad matches.”

For them, there are some rules of pairing between wine and food.

For example, white wines taste best with fish, red wine with red meat.

One of the areas where there is greater divergence of views is the level of quality of food and wines.

A common view is that it is necessary to choose who is going to be the Star: food and wine.

According to this point of view, it is better to accompany fine wines with simple dishes that do not have strong flavors that make competition.

The alternative view is that best corresponds with the best: fine wines with first class food.

They believe that excellent food and excellent wines have a natural affinity.

As the saying goes, thumbs there is nothing written, so we invite you to tell us what your position is. Do you identify with one of these four profiles? Or do you feel that your way of pairing is different?

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