The wine in the film: the 20 best movies with wine

The wine is inherent to the human being, whatever their culture, time, and place. In the history of the cinema we find many references that use the wine and vineyards as the central axis of the works. What are the best? That depends on the taste of each one, but there is no doubt that there are cases where we find a simply sublime artistic direction. Today we propose 20 films that, from our point of view, they are more significant to understand the wine within the film. We hope that you remember them fondly and, if you have not seen any, you know: bowl of popcorn, armchair… and I would recommend that instead of a soft drink, this time there is a glass of wine. Click to watch movies online now on putlocker. Lights, camera, action!

20 Corked

It’s a “false documentary”, hilarious tale about four different wineries in California, and how their fate is intertwined with a famous wine critic who is visiting in the area. The film focuses on four wildly different personalities, and their attempts to get the attention of the critic.

Corked película vino

19 Blood into Wine

A documentary that portrays the struggle of Manyard James Keenan by having their own winery in the impossible Arizona ground. The possibility to join a famous alternative rock during its early star in wine production, backdrop.

Blood into Wine película vino

18. a walk in the clouds

Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sanchez Gijon star in a love story in an idyllic environment, marked by a beautiful fields of vineyards. Love grows in full harvest.

Un paseo por las nubes película vino

17 From Ground to Glass

A documentary that follows the director Robert DaFoe in his attempts to become a wine producer of the morning, almost no infrastructure or capital overnight.

From Ground to Glass película vino

16 Mondovino

The possible loss of identity of the wine by large transnational companies from small producers and family wineries is the focus of a documentary by the sommelier and director Jonathan Nossiter.Home-style, but deep.

Mondovino película vino

15. tu seras mon fils

Poignant reflection of differences between parents and children. Marseul Paul owns a prestigious vineyard in Saint Emilion. It’s a demanding and passionate winemaker. Working with his son Martin, he can’t imagine happening.

Tu seras mon fils película vino

14 network Obsession

Bordeaux has taken on a legendary status in the world of wine as a thread of the wealth, power and influence. Internet Obsession presents a collection of interviews with experts, lovers of wine, and producers and distributors, analyzing the changing market and the booming demand china, a client who wants it all.

Red Obsession película vino

13 Bon appetit

Unax Ugalde and Nora Tschirner share wine and other passions in this film, which tells the life of a young chef and an attractive Sommelier. In this case, the wines of the DO Ribera del Duero appear in several scenes, being a key element of the story.

Bon appétit película vino

12 double

Double is much more than a film of wines, is a documentary about real people, his passion and his will to succeed, while fighting under extreme pressure both physically and emotionally.

Somm película vino

11. the road of the wine

Charlie Artuarola, a famous sommelier loses his palate in the event “Masters of Food and Wine”. In seeking to recover it try the advice of Michel Rolland, who recommends you to “clean” your palate with the great wines of the region. There you will be immersed in a maelstrom that will make you lose all what was safe. The trip becomes a return, away from the world to which he believes belong.

el camino del vino película vino

10. the secret of Santa Vittoria

Santa Victoria, a quiet village in the North of Italy, is famous for its delicious wine. About to end the second world war, it is occupied by German troops, whose mission is to seize one million bottles of the precious broth. All the people, led by a new mayor, has a mission: hide the wine before the arrival of the Germans.

El secreto de Santa Vittoria película vino

9. Year of the Comet

Margaret Harwood is a British winemaker whose father sends her on a routine mission to a remote castle in Scotland. But what seems to be a normal work of cataloguing of a former wine soon becomes an extraordinary find. In “The year of the comet”, Maggie discovers a bottle of wine of 150 years, extremely rare (bottled by coinciding with the passage of Comet Halley), which believed that it belonged to Napoleon. Watch here! movie4k 

Year of the Comet película vino

8 This Earth is Mine

Philippe Rambeau, owner of the best lands of a wealthy Californian Valley for its vineyards, makes return from England to her granddaughter, Elizabeth. It aims to the young woman to marry the owner of other vineyards and increase its properties. John Rambeau tries to sell, for the illegal production of wine, part of the grapes to the gangsters.

This Earth is Mine película vino

7 blood and wine

Jack Nicholson seems a successful merchant of wines with an enviable welfare. But the reality is quite different: is bankrupt and will attempt to steal a diamond necklace to save his family’s economic future.

Sangre y vino película vino

6 autumn tale

A vine is left alone in his house when their children leave home. The story shows how the protagonist, despite the loneliness, enjoys life in his vineyard.

Cuento de otoño película vino

5 Bottle shock

Steven Spurrier, a British expatriate living in Paris and a wine bar owner, sets in motion a plan to demonstrate the quality of the wines from other parts of the world to Parisians. Alan Rickman, Chris Pine and Bill Pullman star in a surreal comedy, based on competition within the world of wine. It recounts the moment in which California wine defeats the French wine in a tasting blind.

Guerra de vinos película vino

4 French Kiss

Romantic encounter between a French, owner of vineyards (Kevin Kline) and Meg Ryan, an American who finds love in the wine and Kline. Wine, nexus in a film where you will find great thoughts about this drink, equating it to life.

french kiss película vino

3. Julie & Julia

Starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, is a biographical comedy premiered in 2009, written and directed by Nora Ephron. Julie & Julia describes the events in the life of chef Julia Child in the early years of his culinary career, in contrast with her life Julie Powell, who aspires to Cook all 524 recipes in the cookbook’s Child for a year.

Julie & Julia película vino

2. a good year

Love and wine bottles that are priced at price of gold on the black market marked an incredible history where Russell Crowe stars as a London stockbroker received a French vineyard for inheritance. Crowe, who travels without much hope and encouragement, there see a stimulating new chapter in his life, to fall in love with a wonderful land that requires immediate restoration.

Un Buen Año película vino

1 Sideways

Drama or comedy? Perhaps comedy, but with a dark and dramatic tone. In “Sideways” are a complete fixation for wine. Winner of the Oscar for best adapted screenplay, reflects total rightly “mid-life” crisis.

sideways película vino

We hope that you have interested in this classification. If you are passionate about cinema, I’m sure you’ve seen more of it. If you need any, enjoy it with a good glass of wine and watch movies at couch tuner.

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