How to use advertising in bar to sell more

Once you’ve succeeded in attracting customers to your bar have the opportunity to influence them so that they consume products of more high-margin or even encourage them to recur more frequently by any promotion or future event.

How to get your customers to consume more?

You can be achieved using marketing or point of sale material (POP, point of purchase for its acronym in English) as the brochures at the tables and at the bar, blackboards within the local, among other resources available.

According to some studies, approximately 60% of the consumption of customers in bars and restaurants is influenced by some kind of material at the same location. There are many customers who use the information they get from these materials in deciding what order or when returning to the bar.

What is the POP material?

You know the difficult and expensive it can be to get new clients, as well as ensure that customers frequent your bar more and consume more profitable products.

The main benefits of these materials to the same local advertising are:

  • They do that customers decide to consume products with a higher profit margin. Some examples may be cocktails, small portions, larger portions, imported beers, microbrews, wines from certain range.
  • Do customers to consume more. A good Exhibitor showcase could play a very important role to promote certain products, but also advertising leaflets (see more at in the tables and bars could be used to promote certain snacks or drinks.
  • To publicize new products: it is important that a bar from time to time renew its gastronomic offer, this makes that customers do not get bored of the same. Promote these products on the premises is a good way to make them known among your customers. Many times, it is not enough to include it in the menu.
  • The work of waiters is very important to communicate to customers the promotions, specials, new products, upcoming events, but if you also use certain POP material (posters, brochures, leaflets, etc.) the message will be reinforced what probably will make greater influence on the decision of the client. In addition, remember that at certain peak times, staff may not have time to inform customers of these products that you are interested in promoting properly.
  • Inform customers of future promotions; It is more likely that a person who already knows the bar wants to take advantage of the promotion. It promotes the offer with at least one week in advance, it should not be long before.
  • Strengthen your brand. The POP material is highly effective for this purpose because you can include these marketing materials the logo of your bar, as well as use the colors that represent it, or a slogan or advertising concept. This allows that clients mentally associate your bar to a visual image that advantage will result when the client decides which bar to go.

What can you promote through the POP material?

¿Qué puedes promocionar a través del material POP?Some options are:

  • Drink specials (which may or may not be included in the regular bar menu)
  • Special meals (which may or may not be included in the regular bar menu)
  • Drinks and food with a good margin of utility
  • Promotions type menu (drink more snack/CAP)
  • Beer, wine or cocktail of the day, week or month.
  • Bar is available for private parties, birthday, or company meetings/celebrations.
  • Special parties, Stag/Hen
  • Promotions /eventos to be held in the near future
  • Promotions to encourage that go to the bar to certain hours/days.
  • The happy hour drinks or tapas

What type of POP material you should use?

The first thing is to analyze your bar to determine where you have free space that you can use to promote your products. It is not saturate the local promotional materials, that could be counterproductive.

The most common are posters to the entry or exit of the bar, posters for the walls and diptychs/triptychs for the tables and bar.

Other options may include:

  • The use of stands or advertising boards. There you can promote, for example, your drinks/meals that give you better margin or any special day.
  • Exhibitors showing some product as imported wines/beers
  • Posters that announce promotions or upcoming events.
  • Sample of the special dishes, see them will have more effect which only read the description of the dish.
  • Flyers, both at the tables and in the bar. There are several types of advertising leaflets and supports for them:
    • Printed on one side
    • Printed 2-sided
    • Printed on cardboard
    • Printed on rigid format
    • Flip chart type
    • Transparent acrylic stands
    • Menu holders

To promote in the wall you can use posters or blackboards both chalk, acrylic and even LED slates.

Some bars also choose advertising materials that you can hang from the ceiling of the bar, however some studies indicate that only 4% of customers reach them read.

Another mechanism is to include a small reminder of the upcoming event or promotion when deliveries to the customer the receipt of its consumption.

Finally, you can also leverage technology to achieve your goal: digital photo frames can be very useful since the images have more power than the words. If you have room in the bar or near the menu Board if it is that you have one, you can use a digital picture frame to show photos of products of higher-margin, menus, new products or special drinks that you want to promote.

Where can get POP material at the best price?

You must first find your local bars digital printing companies and business printing or advertising items online, but you should not underestimate the help they can provide you with your own suppliers. Some companies that provide food and/or drinks offered free this type of material to their good customers.

Remember, marketing at the point of sale, i.e. in the own local, must be a continuous and integrated process within the plan of general marketing of your bar, this way you can plan before the material need and how much you need.

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