When was beer a drink for children

At the end of the 1960s beers advertising campaign: the draw for a trip to Cape Kennedy is illustrated with a seated family prepared for eating and serving four glasses of beer. Yes, four: the children also have their own.

He is not the only example of advertising featuring children with glasses and beer bottles: for example, this campaign of Cruzcampo. Dating back to 1961, as we explain from Heineken Spain (proprietary brand) and it is four children sharing a litrona with joy and good humor. Because MOM always takes home Cruzcampo.

And for what always Cruzcampo? Maybe because it is a drink that helps “lozano look”. And it is for everyone. FOR ALL.

Today, these images from half a century ago are shocking, but they have their explanation: “these ads began in the 1960s and 1970s – says Fede Segarra, communication director for Damm-, when the beer starts to become popular in Spain” and enter homes, coinciding with the largest number of refrigerators.

In fact, both Damm Cruzcampo campaign focuses on their litre format: “is above all, wanted to promote beer as a beverage family,” added Segarra, as you can see in this another announcement of the Eagle beers, also owned by the Heineken Group.

In fact, and until the mid-1990s, it was common for schools to visit breweries.“Beer has always had a very close relationship with the citizen – explains Segarra-, given that almost every large city had its own factory in the 1950s.”Both then and now, the Brewers supported cultural activities and had and have many links with society.”

Spain was no exception with this type of advertising. In fact, arrived late both the consumption of beer as to ads with children and best baby carrier 2015. The American brand Raineer announced in 1906 as a beneficial both for young people and for older beverage.

And Blatz Beer recalled in 1916 the nutritional values provided by beer malt to mothers and babies.

From Heineken Spain, highlights that this type of campaign is born in “an era in which still existed ignorance about the effects of alcohol, and especially of this child”. Segarra, Damm, adds that “not given so much importance then as now.There was a more open relationship”, which has changed”for the evolution of society, which is more orderly and safe”.

From Heineken both Damm remember carrying years promoting the responsible consumption through the Association of manufacturers, Brewers of Spain, and a code of self-regulation in Europe when it was signed in the mid-1990s. This code includes no advertising with children not in child schedule, among other measures, including not to relate alcohol and motor. I.e., everything you did wrong this ad from the 1960s.

While it is possible that the child is taking tumbler Damm after the race.

In any case, the beer is still a drink for all. For all older than 18 years, clear. 

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