Wine and coffee to rejuvenate and eliminate fat

New treatments offer you amazing possibilities to improve your skin and attack the cellulite. The rejuvenating power of red wine will get your skin to shine, while the Green coffee bean max is particularly suitable for grease-fighting.

Now you can regenerate the skin, clear it of impurities and look it healthy and hydrated, thanks to new and advanced treatments. The latest trend to get it is a a micronized of grapes-centered treatment.

A real luxury, in this case, for the skin and not the palate, known as comprehensive treatment: Anti-aging to Cavernet Sauvignon.

‘Stops free radicals responsible for aging, restores collagen and elastin fibres, and improves the circulation of return’, says star Puyol, Director of the centro de estética Oxigen (Spain).

It is this type of red grape which contains suitable properties so that the skin is revitalized thanks to itshigh content of polyphenols, procyanidols and anthocyanosides. Apparently, the effect of this type of grapes is greater than vitamin E.

The specialist says that ‘ is used a micronized of grape.That dust is dried and ground, so that it does not lose its properties. To achieve this use this red grape which is the Cavernet Sauvignon, because it is the type of fruit which contains better these features ‘.

The treatment is recommended for skin of all ages. ‘ According to age who apply are the treatment may be sufficient with one session a year. Achieved an immediate effect, with what satisfaction is maximum ‘, said Puyol.

Facial and body peeling

A body peeling based on grape seed and micronized of red wine, improves microcirculation and increase the receptivity of the skin to the active principles which are then applied, and consists of a wrapping of mud wine, which apart from having anti-oxidant effect, moisturizes, softens and remineralize the skin, providing a smooth and luminous appearance.

The firming anti-aging body massages are made with red wine, apricot nut oil massage oil and almonds (has oxygenating and nourishing properties).

The facial peeling is made with micronized of red wine, grape Chardonnay and rose hip seed oil, salt of laminaria and essences. Its action is very emollient and detoxifying and provides a very light texture to the skin. The mask consists of micronized red wine and red grape anti aging wrap, mixed with floral water of Neroli, which has a high firming.

Firming facial massage He is achieved with a serum rich in active principles of Virgin red grape seed oil, hazelnut, wheat germ and rose hip.

Farewell to fat

Now it has become fashionable say goodbye to fat thanks to treatments as the Green Coffee, which consists of applying the power of green coffee in a casing that brake the accumulated fat and cellulite.

Green coffee has a high content of chlorogenic acid, which prevents the infiltration of fat and activates the enzyme adenylate cyclose, capable of stimulating the metabolism of lipids.

Star Puyol says that green coffee ‘exerts an important lipolytic action, so slim and mold, without forgetting its draining effect, since it stimulates diuresis by the action that exerts on the ADH hormone’. In addition, appears to inhibit the production of glucose, by what, to dispose the body of less sugar, used fat reserves to meet its energy needs.

The beautician expert says that it applies as if a mask, using upward circular movements, insisting on the most problematic areas. It is better to do it with a device of vibration, which acts a level deeper than the manual massage, and produces a hyperemia that enhances the treatment. ‘Massage is energetic and activator to stimulate microcirculation and make better penetrate the product’, he says. When the fat is soft is more difficult to eliminate.

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